#2- The Winds of Change



A wind blew through

the harbors of Boston,

through the throughs

of Connecticut,

blessing the angel

headed hipsters

of the Lower East Side

where they smoked

cigarettes and howled

at the winter moon


it met the backs

of the marching souls

in the capitol, stomping

their feet on the asphalt

singing the chaos song

of revolution


a woman

fixes her scarf—

it’s the only thing

that keeps the pepper spray

from getting into her mouth

she holds her sign

she holds her heart

and screams into the air

“My body, my rights!”


across the Potomac

a man slides his punch card

sparks a cigarette and smiles

at the Southern skies

America is changing again

no more sixteen hour days

in the warehouse

no more struggles

president man was going to fix it

bring back the car plants

to Ohio, bring back the work


the flag swayed outside

the window of the oval office

president man looked out

past the lawn to the burning

streets of the nation

he had already lost the reigns of